• fun group activity you Looking for? Come enjoy an exciting day with Bubble War, the best new bubble football experience in the UK. Perfect for family gatherings, birthday parties, company, and more – this will be the best game of bubble football you’ve ever played!
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What is Bubble Football?

  • About Bubble football (also known as zorb football) is just a standard game of football where every player is running around inside their own giant bubble. Sounds silly? Sure! But that’s half the fun; friends, family, and even complete strangers can all get in on the game.
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What is DodgeBall ?

  • Dodgeball is a classic game where members of opposing teams try to eliminate players on the other team by hitting them (below the head – safety first!) with a live ball – that is, a ball that has been thrown and has not bounced. But be careful, if you throw a ball and a member of the other team catches it while it’s still live, then you will be eliminated.

What makes Bubble War the best?

  • For your convenience, we provide a wide selection of venue-inclusive bubble football uk packages – no hidden fees or extra work for you!
  • We provide customised sessions for our customers; our focus is always on you.
  • We are committed to giving your whole group a thrilling day of light-hearted competition to remember.