Dodgeball and Bubble Football Bundle

Dodgeball Combo Pack 1
Dodgeball Combo Pack 2
– Why have one good thing when you could have two? Combine a classic one-hour dodgeball
experience with a high-octane bubble football game Called Dodgeball Combo Pack .
– Dodgeball + bubble football combo


  •  Dodgeball combo pack is most affordable package – the perfect choice for groups who already have a venue booked for their best bubble football event.
  • We will provide best bubble football event equipment and a fully-qualified event coordinator to run the game.

To book your stag, hen or other group experience, drop us an email at [email protected]

  • The object of the game dodgeball combo pack is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them “OUT”. This may be done by either hitting them below the head with a LIVE ball, or by catching a LIVE ball before it touches the ground.


  • In the latter case the player who threw the ball will be eliminated and the player who caught the ball will be able to bring one of his eliminated team mates back into the game. A ball is deemed LIVE until it hits the ground or goes out of play.


  • A ball out of play can be retrieved by a team member designated “THE SHAGGER” and only this person can put the ball back in play. More so, opponent players will throw a ball at you with the purpose of making some point off you. You got to exhibit the best of defending skills and let the ball pass by without meeting its purpose.
Price per person for up to 20 players

Dodgeball and Bubble football Bundle

Dogeball Combo
  • 1 Hour of Bubble Football
  • 10 Bubbles – 5 On 5 Rotations
  • Bubble War Event Coordinator
  • 1 Hour of Dodgeball
  • Equipment Provided Us
  • Venue Included
  • Food and Refreshments – Additional £100
  • Equipment Provided Us